Tanya Zyabkina HeadshotTANYA ZYABKINA

 Areas of Expertise

●     Building marketing analytics capabilities
●     Marketing effectiveness measurement
●     In-market testing
●     CRM, DBM, direct marketing
●     Segmentation and targeting
●     Talent development
●     Marketing mix modeling and MROI
●     Campaign analysis and reporting
●     Market research
●     Advanced analytics



Director of Marketing Analytics
Charter Communications/Time Warner Cable, Columbus, OH
2007 - 2017


Helped optimize $650MM marketing budget by analyzing behavior of over 12 million residential subscribers. Led general marketing analytics function for the Midwest Region, transitioning to Retention Analytics, and then to company-wide Customer Insights and Analytics. Built the team and the knowledge base from ground up.

Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) Test & Learn Implementation and Operation

  • Led a cross-functional team of internal and external analysts that successfully launched APT Test & Learn environment.
  • Measured incremental effects of promotion expiration on subscriber attrition. Defined price sensitive segments and recommended optimal price step ups.
  • Produced a comprehensive review of subscriber survival behavior after retention intervention; provided guidance on optimal retention offers by price point, product holding group, and contact channel.
  • Assessed incremental impact of various programs, including the use of outsourced retention call centers, direct mail segmentation and targeting, technician visits to competitive areas.

General Marketing Analytics

  • Developed a comprehensive customer lifecycle view that revealed expected subscriber behavior at different stages of tenure. Identified most impactful predictors of customer disconnects; the predictors were used to further improve company’s understanding of attrition through predictive modeling.
  • Measured results of local and field programs: defense against competitive build-outs, launch of enhanced internet speeds to 4M subscribers, expansion of Wi-Fi hotspots network, pricing changes on core and ancillary products.
  • Designed and implemented in-market tests to understand the role of mailing frequency, target segmentation, offers, formats, and creative in improving direct mail effectiveness. Developed insight and recommended direct mail optimization that helped save over $10M in annual direct mail cost without compromising subscriber connects.
  • Developed analysts in the region and across the company by providing a series of workshops on the use of customer data in the SAS environment. Created simplified analysis platform for ad hoc reporting and automated its maintenance. 

AutoZone Inc

Sr. Marketing Analyst
AutoZone, Memphis, TN


Provided full range of analytical support to the Marketing department, including measuring impact/ROI of marketing programs, directing consumer research, and analyzing drivers of long-term sales trends. Managed $500K marketing research budget.

  • Led several “big picture” analytical projects that developed insight about the drivers of long term transaction and revenue trends. Assessed the impact of business drivers such as store age, crude oil prices, category mix shifts, and price inflation.
  • Delivered assessments of marketing programs impact on sales using in-market tests. Conducted training on measurement methodologies, their limitations and statistical significance, resulting in better and more consistent test assessments.
  • Oversaw quarterly business driver modeling and MROI assessment.
  • Ran company-wide customer satisfaction tracking program. 


Limited BrandsSr. Brand Planning Analyst
LBrands (formerly LimitedBrands), Columbus, OH


Helped improve strategic positioning of Victoria’s Secret and Express brands through consumer and competitive research, product launch hindsights. 

  • Led analytical effort of a large-scale multi-business study of Victoria’s Secret Brand Equities that included developing the analysis plan for both qualitative and quantitative parts of the project, identification of hypotheses, survey design, and presentation of analysis results.
  • Helped measure effectiveness of Victoria’s Secret CRM efforts and direct mail, including analysis of incremental sales and response rates by customer segments.
  • Led an integrated product hierarchy project that improved analytical efforts across multiple businesses and helped create a cross-channel view of the customer.

 Technical Skills

SQL, SAS Enterprise Guide, Tableau, MicroStrategy, Cognos, SPSS, Affinium/Unica, Google Analytics. Extensive experience analyzing large scale structured datasets. 

 Talks and Conferences

Speaker at Predictive Analytics World. Subject: Sales Attribution, Lessons from the Non-Digital World.

Speaker at Maximizing Customer Loyalty and Profitability. Subject: Determining how to predict the lifetime value of your customers to better plan your investments.

Speaker at Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit. Subject: Using Analytics to Optimize Subscription Price Changes.




The Ohio State UniversityMBA, Marketing
The Ohio State University



Novosibirsk State UniversityMS Economics, Econometric Analysis
Novosibirsk State University

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